Foundation Sonriño

A few words from the founder


When I took a long working holiday at the end of 2016 and went to South America with the original intention just to travel, I did not know what "consequences" it would have for me. Besides the traveling, I first took part in a volunteer project at a state school in Cusco, Peru. From the original one month of teaching and assisting in mathematics classes,  I stayed three months and onemore month in Quito, Ecuador. After a short time, I began to notice some children and their great interest in studying. Unfortunately, due to the poor economic conditions of their families, they do not have the resources for basic teachng aids and quality textbooks. We were also curious about the study conditions. So I went to the families of some of the best students. It was a pretty powerful experience for me. They live in poor conditions in houses of unburnt clay,  no rooms with equipment for study. And yet they achieve exceptional results at school.


This personal experience motivated me to help the best students in their studies so that in the future, thanks to their education, they will be able to help not only their families but also their communities. When I returned to the Czech Republic after 7 months of my stay in South America, mostly in Cusco, I knew it would not be for a long time. I decided to move and live in Cusco and not only to work in the tourism, but also to participate in various social projects. One of these projects is the Sonriño Foundation (Sonrisa de niño) project. We founded this fund with our friends from the Czech Republic, because we think these gifted children deserve it. On February 1, 2018 our Sonriño Endowment Fund was registered with the Municipal Court in Prague in the Foundation Register (IČO: 06824480). However, we have sponsored some students before, in the form of private grants for the purchase of basic equipment such as teaching aids and quality textbooks, or the purchase of basic home equipment (like writing desks, chairs, reading lamps, etc.). Another aim is to prepare these gifted pupils for entrance examinations at the Colegio de Alto Rendimiento (COAR) - of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Peru, when this institution will assume responsibility for their education in the form of a boarding school with a high standard of teaching and the possibility of continuing with their studies at major universities, not only in Peru but also abroad, by means of state and private scholarships.


We believe that you will find interesting our idea to help these best students from economically weak families and you will decide to make a bit of a contribution to improving their lives. In the near future we will launch our own website of the Fund. In the meantime, regarding the participation in the project and discuss all the cooperation individually, you can contact us via the contact form .


We are aware that we can not change the world and help all who deserve it, but we can at least try.


Finally, I would like to use one sentence of my close friend as the motto of the whole project:


"Let's help those who want to be better."


Július Válka

May 2018

Cusco, Peru

Portal Confituria Nº265 INT. 02

Plaza de Armas

Cusco-Cusco-Cusco 08000


WhatsApp: +420 720 704 656 (CZE, SVK, ESP, ENG, GER)

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