Enigmatic lines and shapes in the Nazca desert are Peru's second most famous archaeological site after Machu Picchu. They are listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.


At around 8.00am we move to María Reiche Airport, where we will watch an informative video about the mysterious lines and shapes in the desert before flying over them. We board a Cessna plane, 3-5 passengers, and set out over to the desert.


Every passenger has a guaranteed seat at the window to see the terrain. The flight duration is approximately 35mins and during this flight we will observe different desert shapes like: condor, hummingbird, hands, astronaut, tree, pelican, spider, monkey, dog, whale, lizard. In addition, we will see hundreds of lines and geometric formations intersecting the local desert, reminiscent of huge airfields.


Upon completion of the air tour, we will take a private transport to the 27km distant city of the deads - the Chauchilla Cemetery. We will be able to see the mummified human remains of ancient local culture along with their sacrificial gifts such as textiles, ceramics, funeral objects. We also visit a small local museum where a child's mummy and photographs of archaeological research can be seen.



from $110




8.00h - 15.00h (7hrs)

  • transfer to the Maria Reiche Airport

  • overflight

  • excursion to the  Chauchilla Cemetery

Not included
  • meals​​

  • airport tax at the  Maria Reiche Airport

  • entrance fee to the  Chauchilla Cemetery

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