This all-day trip will show us two archeologically interesting places around Puno.


In the morning: Chucuito - At 9.00am, we head to the Fertility Temple (El Templo de la Fertilidad) - during a 2.5 hour morning excursion, we will see the Inca Uyo as well as a classical colonial architecture: the local colonial church. Further, the reed museum and the scientific laboratory for the research of various types of trout.


The Inca Uyo fertility temple is a ceremonial complex with phallic symbols, where rituals such as the payment to Mother Earth (El Pago a Pachamama), the cult of the Sun, took place, and served as an astronomical observatory as well.

In the afternoon: Sillustani: At 14.00h, we set out the altiplane at an altitude of 4000 masl to a 30km distant necropolis, one of the largest in the world. Admiring the beautiful nature of the Peruvian Andes at Lake Umayo. There are stone towers - the tombs - Chullpas, designed to bury the deads of the cultures Colla and Inca. Many of them rise up to a height of 12 meters or more with a larger diameter at the top than the base of the tower, despite the gravity, as the detail that makes them unique on the entire continent.



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